Ajwa Date Planted By Prophet

Fancy getting a chunk out of Nabu Sultan, Majdun or Sukri? These unique types of quality dates from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are now significantly sought-following in the town in the course of Ramzan.

At a retail outlet just lately opened in Charminar, virtually 40 kinds of dates ranging from Rs. 250 for every kilo to Rs. two,600 per kilo are being marketed.

Some variants like Ajwa, which are acclaimed for dietary worth and religious significance, are a hit between customers.

“We are witnessing growing demand for different versions of dates which are exclusive by taste, texture and nutritional benefit,” stated Farhad Mohammed of Ajfan Dates and Nuts.

Usage and sale of dates Kurma Ajwa boosts manifold in the course of Ramzan as the meal is regarded as important starter for the Iftar meal. Its nutritional price has designed it a big strike among the the wellbeing conscious, irrespective of religion. Salesmen organize ‘Ajwa’ at a visible area preserving in the stores and it is regarded as the most pricey variant in the world market. The Ajwa dates are fraught with 70 for each cent of sugar and 30 per cent of folic acid, sulphur, protein, copper, iron fibre and potassium and several strongly think in remedial therapy in Ajwa.